vendredi 6 août 2010

Electro News Podcast # 1

C'est l'été et c'est l'heure de vous présenter notre tout nouveau podcast ElectroNews :)
On remet les compteurs à zéro avec ce nouveau set réalisé par VVVici
Je ne vous en dis pas plus, c'est cadeau et c'est du bonheur pendant 40 minutes.

Le podcast :

La tracklist :

Shashtilism - Gucci Vump

Predador ( Sharkslayer VIP Remix ) - French Fries (MF)
Nobody Knows (Monkey Safari Remix) - Louis Armstrong (MF)
Conta (Momma's Boy Remix) - SunnyBeach HappySlap Mardigras (MF)
Shake - Stinj
Something Good Can Work (BeatauCue Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club
Kata - Will Bailey, Punk Rolla (Z)
Hammerhead - Sharkslayer (Z)
My Sitar - Highbloo
Pet Massage - Blatta & Inesha
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

1# Interview : " The SexInvaders "

C'est une première pour la page Electro News et donc pour le blog. Et quelle première car notre premier interview s'adresse a un duo allemand : The SexInvaders ! En éspérant que l'interview vous plaise, je vous invite à nous laisser un commentaire pour nous dire vos impressions.

1) Good evening to you, so to start small traditional question of presentation, who are you? and tell us more about your name ?

d: My name is david.
s: And my name is steffen. but i don´t react on this name. call me sonne! and together we are the sexinvaders. since 4 years already. crazy shit.
d: In autumn 2006 we´ve had a confirmed gig and tracks but no name for our common act. so we used a track´s name (the sexinvaders) as our bandname! and we still use it… but the track is gone.

2) What are your inspirations?

s: We´ll get our inspiration by listening to music all day long. not just electronic music. everything from hiphop to rock and even folk music. we consume it all and a complex process in our minds creates the sexinvaders output without copying other musicians! hahaha…
d: Unbelievable complex process. better don´t ask more - you won´t understand it. very complex.

3) How do you see the future ?

s: Our future? i want us to stay on our way: down-to-earth and in a good mood into the techno-hell!
d: We wanna play a lot. release a lot. see a lot and party a lot. that´s our definition of the perfect techno-hell!!

4) What are your musical influences, the artists of the moment for you?

s: My all time favourite is mr oizo! but as i said in the second question. i listen to all kind of music!
d: My band is still phoenix (since one year now)! my strictly electronic act of the moment… hmm. don´t know.

5) Your favorite songs of the moment?

s: Nick coleman "this city i love" / pablo decoder "sometimes lonely" (the sexinvaders remix) / surkin "fanout"
d: Kavinsky - nightcall (the sexinvaders remix) / pablo decoder - sometimes lonely (original)

6) An artist with whom you'd like to work? and why?

d: We´d love to work with a lot of artists. we´re doing a lot of collaborations and features such as our next single together with our homie MARTEN HØRGER. but it would be great to be once in the studio with our friend mr flash. we would create something new. we´ve already got a name for it: THE ANGRY SAUSAGE!

7) A word to the end?

s: Listen to our music at and follow us on
d: And if we´re around your town, visit a gig from us at our autumn tour.
d&s: Thanks for the interview and all the best for your blog!!


Salm - schubert a la mode (the sexinvaders edit)

Boys noize - kontact me (the sexinvaders rmx)